Edward says Best Buy shipped off his busted work computer without letting him know, leaving him computerless for up to two weeks. While Edward admits he signed off on the possibility that his computer would be sent away, he wouldn’t have agreed to the service had he known parting with his machine was a likely prospect.

He writes:

“Here’s the gist of my story: the Geek Squad at Best Buy told me they’d call me and let me know what the deal was with my laptop; I brought it in last night and was expecting a diagnosis today, followed by the customary “here are your options” talk. The battery was conking out, I have a new one on the way, and then it stops recognizing that it’s plugged into the wall at all. Massive power problems.

But instead, no one called me back – I had to call myself – and found out that my computer had been sent out to get repaired without my knowledge or approval. I know that it says “I authorize BB to send out my item for repair” on the terms of acceptance, but I thought it was clear that I would get a rundown of the situation before any of that took place. At least that’s what I had been told.

This is my work computer, with all of my files and documents and gradebooks (I’m a TA). Had I known it would have to get sent out for up to 2 weeks, I would not have allowed it at this time. Hell, it’s approaching midterms and I have all kinds of record keeping to do… plus papers and research for my own classes. And I still don’t know what’s actually wrong with my computer.

I spoke to a store manager and two people from consumer relations, and got apologies. That was nice. But when I asked if I could have a loaner computer to use while my work computer was unknowingly whisked away to who-knows-where, they said they couldn’t help. The best they could do was let me buy a computer and then return it sans restocking fees when mine came back. Needless to say, unacceptable.

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