Backup & Disaster Recovery


What’s the cost of downtime for your business? It’s impossible to expect your business to never have technology failure, but just like a natural disaster, you must have a continuity plan. Your data needs to be properly backed up, both on-premise at your place of business, and off-site in a cloud environment. Additionally, you’ll need to test backups regularly – to ensure they are work, and available to recovery from. Our team can help you architect the right backup solution, implement it properly with monitoring and notifications, and resolve issues as they occur.

FACT: 52% of servers experience multiple backup failures per year. The average recovery time after a site disaster is 4 days or more. (Source: Twin Strata)

Our overall philosophy when it comes to Business Continuity Planning is to remain proactive and vigilant. Other IT companies don’t anticipate failure – rather they bank on it. A failure in your business technology means more work for them – sometimes at costly hourly rates. Conversely, we want to anticipate issues before they arise, remedy them quickly, and guarantee ongoing uptime for your business. We do this through fixed priced Managed IT Services. We’ll monitor your server 24/7/365, perform regular maintenance, and resolve errors as they occur, so you are not affected. All for a fixed monthly cost you can easily budget for.

Services We Provide

  • File & Image Level Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Planning & Documentation
  • Hard Drive Recovery, & Catastrophy Remediation
  • Sandbox Backup Testing & Verificationi

Products We Offer & Manage

  • DATTO Backup Devices & Solutions
  • Norton System Recovery, Backup Exec & Backup Assist Software
  • Cloud-based Virtualization by Veeam
  • Preemo Cloud Backup Software
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