A few years ago, when asked what they would do if their house was on fire and they could only save one thing, people would most commonly choose to rescue their photo album. Today, the majority of people say they would save their computer.

As a society, we store mountains of valuable data digitally. It’s a sign that we live in the age of information. It’s why businesses that treat their troves of data as an asset have a distinct advantage over their competitors that don’t. It’s also why at Preemo, we encourage everyone to not only back-up their data on site but also use an online back-up system as well.

Yes, we are partners with Mozy and offer online back-up as one of our services. But this post isn’t meant to be a sales pitch. In fact, if we wanted to increase sales, we’d discourage you from using online back-ups at all because it would exponentially   increase the amount of data recovery jobs we get. But that’s like a cardiothorastic surgeon promoting an all-bacon diet and shunning aerobic exercise.

This is a Public Service Announcement

You don’t need to have the most prestigious online back-up system in the world, but you have to have a system. If emailing yourself every document, saving it to your hard drive and Dropbox as well as having an external hard drive that you update monthly works for you, do it. All we ask is for you to be diligent about it.

This is incredibly important because computers are machines and machines eventually wear out. No matter how well maintained a system is, its lifespan isn’t infinite. And if disaster strikes and your computer crashes, it can be a relatively painless process to upload all of your files to a new computer or it can take weeks of toil without guarantee that the data will be ever be recovered if lost.

In Case of Emergency: Back-Up Beforehand

Data, whether personal or professional, can be the glue that holds your world together. From photos and family videos to business proposals and client projects, losing data can feel like the end of the world. At Preemo, we have seen countless amount of clients walk in in desperation, frustration and panic. Nine times out of ten we’re able to see them leave elated, on cloud nine and refreshed. It’s that one time, that 10%, where there was a tragic loss of data and they were without a single source of online back-up that makes our days emotionally tough. So, please, we beg of you to seriously look into backing up your files and data online. If you have questions about the process and your options, feel free to contact us directly.

Lost data can cripple a business, quickly turning what should be an asset into a liability. And, if our house was on fire and we could only save one thing, we’d much rather save the dog than our computer.