[dropcap2]A[/dropcap2]ugust is here. For those of us in South Florida, that means record temperatures, hurricane watches, and the impending traffic that comes with a new school year.

Getting ready for back to school takes a good deal of patience, organization and dedication. We want to help make crossing off items on your list a bit easier this year by making sure you have the right tech gadgets to get you through even the toughest of classes.

Here’s our rundown of the best tablets to get your hands on before the first bell rings this August.

iPad Mini: Rumors are swirling around Apple these days, the biggest of which is the new iPad Mini. Expected to be announced on September 12th (along with the iPhone 5), the iPad Mini is going to be the greatest thing from Apple, since well, the iPad 2. With talk of a screen measuring 7″ diagonally (almost 3″ smaller than the iPad) and a price-point as low as $250, the iPad Mini is our recommendation for the tablet to get your hands on. Easy reading, light fare and a price so right it could make Bob Barker jealous? Yes, please. *Preemo Recommends. On the iPad Mini: Easy reading, light fare and a price so right it could make Bob Barker jealous? Yes, please.

Nexus 7: Android lovers (and even some iPad aficionados) have found their little piece of Heaven in the Nexus 7 tablet. A fast, portable and versatile machine, the Nexus 7 is in a class of its own. Forgoing compromise, the Nexus 7 offers a stunning display, quad-core processor, and 8 hours of battery life. With only two drawbacks– it’s wi-fi only and has a (shrinking) list of non-compatible apps — the Nexus 7 is the absolute best tablet currently available for its price point ($200-$250).

Acer Iconia Tablet: The Olympics only come around ever four years. What better way to celebrate this year’s games than with a commemorative tablet? The Acer Iconia released its limited edition tablet this summer featuring the iconic Olympic rings in its design. It’s appropriate because the rings represent strength, confidence and possibility–all of which inspired the Iconia’s 10″ display, 32 GB internal storage, and up to 13 hours of battery life. And it comes with a Micro SD card slot so it’s easy to add a boatload of memory cheaply.  That said, it’s currently runs on a older version of Android (Honeycomb) and should be obsolete pretty soon.

Kindle Fire: While this isn’t the best option performance-wise for High School or College-bound students, the Kindle Fire is great for its durability and price point. Its limited user interface and watered-down apps make it perfect for kids. You can load it up with educational tools and send them on their way. Bonus? With Prime, your can kids can read all 7 Harry Potter books for free. Reason enough to go Fire right there.

Coming Soon: Windows 8 Tablets It’s necessary to mention that Windows 8 is being released on October 26 and with it should come a monumental shift in tablets. Their new operating system, which we love, is designed to turn tablets from the cool gadgets they are into fully functional computers. The leader of the pack looks to be Microsoft’s first venture into hardware, the Surface. Rumors are swirling about it, and if half of them are true it could be as big a game-changer for tablets as the iPhone was for phones.

That being said, we haven’t gotten our hands on a Surface…yet. Until we do, we’re sticking with iPads and giving the Preemo silver medal to the Nexus 7.

Have any questions we didn’t answer? Feel free to drop by the TechBar or contact us here now and throughout the entire school year.

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