CCTV and security surveillance systems are not only effective but also the best way to keep your both your business and residential property safe and protected. So, if you have decided to install CCTV cameras in your workplace, you already are aware of the importance of security system for your business. Security in your office has become increasingly complicated over recent years, ranging from dealing the onsite crimes and frauds, as well as other technology related issues.

However, to get the security systems to function properly, it’s imperative to choose the right service to both sell and install the device for you.

If you will look out for the best Miami’s  CCTV installation companies on the internet, you will be surprised to see the number of options that will show up on the list.  This will even complicate the process of choosing the best one out of many. In order to pick the best option, many business owners in Miami are likely to commit some dangerous mistakes. Today, in this blog our experts at Preemo has highlighted a few costly mistakes that you need to avoid when searching for a good and reliable CCTV installation company.


This is the first and most common mistake that you need to stay away when looking for a good CCTV installation company. You should never rely on the first option that you come across. It’s advisable to check at least four to five companies and compare their prices, services, and other offers. Sticking to the services of the first company may keep you away from the best one.  But, by checking as many as options you can, you get a chance you pick the best one.


Some business owners think that installing only one CCTV camera at their office entrance is enough to ensure the complete protection and safety of their business. Installing only one device for the overall security of your workplace can be both silly and expensive mistake. You never know, criminals and thieves can get into your office from any area.  This is why it’s so important to install at least four to five security systems at different points in your workplace in order to ensure the security of your business.


This is another biggest mistake made by many people when buying CCTV cameras. It’s very wrong that can cost you a fortune to purchase CCTV and security surveillance systems without considering the lighting in your space. Overlooking the lighting can result in poor quality footages. It’s better to test the devices to see which camera model work best in the lighting conditions present in your office premises.


Those mentioned above are just a few of the mistakes that most people make when buying CCTV camera for their office. If you are looking for the best CCTV camera installation company in Miami, feel free to contact Preemo. We are always happy to help you!