With the fast-growing number of business security risks faced by every business owner around the entire world, the majority of business owners these days are adopting some form of security measures in order to keep their business secure and protected. Security measures are important for associations and undertakings of all sizes and in all types of businesses. Infirm security brings about traded off information and frameworks, by an unexpected a big threat.

Do you know the way to find out that the security measures that have been implemented are actually keeping your systems safe and secured? Here is a list a few common flaws that tell you that your security measures are not sufficient for your business security.


Firewalls are networking security tools that are configured to block types of network data and access from being accessible from outside the network or leaving the network. A properly configured firewall is important for network security, and many modems include this, it is often not robust enough for your business use. A firewall also cover the whole network at the point where data exists an enters.


Smart or tech devices such as smartphones and tablets are nowadays being used more than ever in the business world, and they offer the great way to stay productive and connected while you are in not in the office. The problem with this is that if you these smart devices in the effort to connect to the office systems, and do not have required security measures in place, you could find the networks bring compromised.


Most of the businesses who have implemented a new email system recently are likely to be fairly safe and protected. This is also true if they cloud-based services or a high-quality email system that offers improved security and enhanced scanning, using latest email methods. If you are still using older email systems, you should upgrade to newer ones.


Admittedly, wireless networks are one of the most important ways businesses allow their staff members to stay online. Just imagine a couple of wireless routers and a single main internet line, you can have the entire office online. This can save money, but there is a built-in security risk with this and that risk is an unsecured network.


Nowadays it’s imperative that you have a malware, anti-virus and spyware scanners installed on all the systems and services in your organization and you take time to configure these properly.  If the anti-virus scanners are not maintained properly, you can get viruses on your systems and the updates can be delayed.

To sum it up, one of the best way to make sure that your business networks and systems are secure to work with a reputable IT partner like Preemo. For more queries or information, get in touch with us.