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About Ivan Mladenovic

Ivan Mladenovic is the President/CEO of Preemo. He has grown the company from a one-man-shop in his kitchen in 2009, to one of the most highly respected IT Consulting firms in South Florida.

We’re 4 Years Old!

Last week was our 4 Year Anniversary, a major milestone for us at Preemo. From my kitchen counter where I started Preemo 4 years ago, to our new retail Tech Bar bar, and upcoming new office space in the Rhodes for our IT Department, we've come a long way. With over 2000 happy customers, I'm [...]

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Google Glasses: A Hand’s On Review

We're really excited about the recent news about a 2013 launch date for Google Glasses. If you haven't kept up, the incredible device you see in the photo above is Google's latest secret project - an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD) code name Project Glass. Google has been working on the project for some time now, and recently began [...]

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Get Rid Of Windows 8 Metro UI For Good

This might be the most sought after tutorial of all time - a comprehensive guide to getting rid of the annoying Windows 8 Metro UI on your new PC. In a world exploding with tablets and touchscreens, Microsoft's decision to saddle Windows 8 with the finger-friendly Modern interface formerly known as Metro makes a lot [...]

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Apple Is Leveraging Resources To Build A Wearable Computer

Lots of recent buzz is escaping Cupertino about Apple developing a wearable computer - and iWatch. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is leveraging 100 designers on the project, after the New York Times indicated that they were exploring the development of a curved screen smartwatch. The idea of a smartwatch is exciting - we'd certainly welcome it. [...]

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Apple Releases iOS 6.1.1 To Address Bugs and Issues

Apple has release iOS 6.1.1, in response to several reports of bugs in 6.1. It's currently available for download via iTunes and over the air on your iPhone or iPad. Apple says that this updates version of iOS addresses issues that have been reported of limited cellular performance and certain reliability issues with the iPhone [...]

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Vertu Releases It’s $10,000 Luxury Android Smartphone

Recently, luxury smartphone and electronic maker Vertu released it's Luxury Android Smartphone, the Vertu Ti. Priced at a whopping $10,000, this beautiful device is made of crystal and titanium, and is handmade by one craftsman in England from 184 parts. Read more on Mashable about this incredible device. And if you'd like to buy it, [...]

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Preemo’s Hiring! Mid-Level IT Support Tech

Preemo is looking for a mid-level technician to join our IT Support Team. A Little Bit About Preemo: Preemo makes technology simple for 100+ businesses throughout Miami. We have grown exponentially over the past 4 years as a direct result of delivering an unparalleled customer experience. This is a direct result of having a knowledgeable, [...]

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Windows 8 Reviewed

As Microsoft Developers, we’ve been playing with Windows 8 for several months now, so we can safely say that it is a revolution. And when we say revolution, we mean more of the French variety than the American. What's Wrong With Windows 8 For Microsoft’s entire history, each new operating system has been built upon [...]

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