The SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service that allows companies to share and manage content, application and knowledge. This, in turn, promotes team effort, easy access to information and hassle-free collaboration. The SharePoint online is shared and managed on a hosted server in the Microsoft data center and is accessible over the internet, which is known as the cloud.

You should know that SharePoint online is included in Office 365 for Business, Business Premium, and Enterprise E3 subscription. Also, the SharePoint server is installed and maintained on the company’s network infrastructure. All the features are accessed over your local network instead of over an internet connection.

What’s the difference between SharePoint Online and Office 365?

You must have heard the word SharePoint online and Office 465 being used interchangeably, and that’s where the confusion starts. Both SharePoint online and Office 365 share some of the features, but there is a primary difference between the two of them.

If you go through the description of Microsoft then you will understand that Office 365 is a subscription package plans that include Microsoft Office’s productivity applications along with services that are given over the internet. Along with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Office 365 also offers email services, internal communication platform and much more. The ability to store internal files on the cloud is also a part feature of Office 365.

On the other hand, the SharePoint online is a collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online and it can be customized according to the use of the company. This allows the organization to search, track & manage and report on digitized documents. You should know that SharePoint Online may be available as a part of Office 365 but it is also available as a standalone product.

Some of the best features of SharePoint Online

· You should know that you have the amazing feature of accessing the online SharePoint through any device which has internet access like a mobile, tablet. By using such devices, you can easily modify lists, documents and site content without any hassle.

· It is easily compatible with some of the very popular web-browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. So you don’t have to worry about the compatibility with a web browser while using it.

· Through the Connect to Office commands, you can easily access the most common libraries from a Microsoft Office program.

· You can easily customize your team site in minimal possible time. Just use the available properties and customize the background, image, layout, color, and fonts within a couple of minutes.

· Easy deployment of custom web parts and add to the web part page through which you can do custom coding and get expected results throughout of the box coding.

· In the Team site, you can add project functionality for both tracking and planning. Through this, you can get the task list with the Project Summary web part, calendar and a visual timeline.

· By using the Power BI, you can get dashboards, KPIs, charts and business intelligence readily available. The analysis tools are available within the program so that you can save time while importing data from other sources.

· The permission is very configurable and flexible at every level. The SharePoint roles, Permission inheritance, and SharePoint groups work together to manage and control user access.

· Availability of purely built web analytics reports that analyzes various aspects of your site.

· The project summary web part offers a timeline for the task list and contains all the information of the current and upcoming task. If a site has a task list, then you can easily add it.

· It comes with pre-built themes through which you can quickly apply colors and fonts to give a better look to the team site.

Advantages of SharePoint Online

Easy external user access

If you are using the on-premise SharePoint, then sharing content with users outside a domain becomes complex because there is no method to share content with external users. There are various alternatives to do so, but all those methods are time-consuming and very complex as well. But that is not the case with the online version as through it granting external access becomes a cakewalk. The user can easily share sites, folders, and documents with an external user without any hassle.

Access to new feature and early bird advantage when it comes to updates

Earlier, Microsoft used to launch a new version of SharePoint after every 4 or 5 years, and that’s why, with every update, the users used to get new features and improvements in bulk. But in the online version of SharePoint, the company started using the rolling release model, in which updates, new features and improvements are released on a regular basis. They are without any additional charge and without the need of any installation.

Access from anywhere

If you are planning to work from home or while on the go and suddenly you remember that you have left your laptop in the office then you don’t need to worry if you have SharePoint Online with you. You can access it from anywhere and at any time. This makes it a better option than its counterpart, which comes with multiple limitations when it comes to accessibility.

You just need to log onto Outlook Web Access for retrieving your emails or SharePoint online to get access to your important documents. The global accessibility is one of the most beneficial advantages of this solution.

Centralized system

With the help of the amazing SharePoint Online, you will be able to build a centralized hub for your resources where everything will be put in a single, easy to access location. Your employees will no longer need to search here and there as everything will be available at a single location.

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