With the rapid advancements in the technological world, there comes many conflicting opinions about what should not be used or what actually should be used. One of the essential pieces of technology that results in a bit controversy is CCTV and security surveillance that are installed in public places.

Although most of the people believe that they should not be used. The presence of security surveillance and CCTV in our society has fueled a heated debate on whether this is a negative or positive development. However, these systems can be a vital part of the society and can be helpful.

Let’s check out how public places can benefit from CCTV and Security Surveillance:


One of the most obvious benefits of placing CCTV and Security Surveillance in public places is enhanced public safety. A visible security camera can severe as a deterrent that prevents crimes such as muggings, shoplifting and other thefts from occurring. If a suspicious item or person is in the area, the higher authorities can be informed of any danger or serious crimes that might take place. Additionally, the area can be cleared as soon as possible as a precautionary step.


When severe crimes are committed, CCTV and surveillance systems with recording options provide valuable evidence. Law enforcement can use the video footage to identify and arrest the criminals, while the prosecutors can utilize it as proof against the offender. Although, without the footage, there is little or no evidence to go on and the offender could roam freely.


When you have the proof of the event with you as the footage, it helps you to drive the fair and take right decisions. It also helps in situations like disagreements between people and in the end coming to a conclusion.


“The Government Authorities are recording you in public”! There are some cities that have installed the security camera on stop lights, as a smart way to prevent drivers from running through a red light or speeding up. Also, the relevant authorities use CCTV and surveillance cameras to monitor the conditions of roads and flow of traffic in crowded areas. This also increases pedestrian safety, while the latter provides road condition and timely traffic information to commuters.


None of us want to fear having to move into an area or feel as though we’re not safe. People usually believe that there might be less of a chance that a crime will take place if there is CCTV and security Surveillance in the area keeping an eye on them.


To sum it up, these are a few advantages of placing CCTV and Security Surveillance in public places. CCTV and Security Surveillance solutions by Preemo are the excellent way to protect your property as well as public places with best surveillance and storage. Get in touch with us and schedule a free consultation today