There are more than a billion PCs in the world which are running on Windows Server. Most of the people in the world consider using Windows Server over the other servers. Microsoft is working efficiently to develop various new things for users. We are going to discuss Microsoft Hyper-V.

The hardware virtualization product of Microsoft is Hyper-V. It will help you to create and even run any version of the computer. Virtual machines work similarly, and hence, it is also known as the same. Every virtual machine will act as a computer which possesses an OS as well as all the other programs in it. Virtual machines are handy when you want to use computing resources, and it provides you with more flexibility. It is more feasible to use a virtual machine instead of experimenting with your current operating system.

Hyper-V provides an isolated space of its own to run a virtual machine. You can run multiple virtual machines at the same time with its help. This will be very useful to avoid the issues of a crash which affects the other workings of yours.

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Features of Hyper-V

Hyper-V has many features. Let us discuss some of these features in brief.

A Computing Environment

The virtual machine possesses all the necessary parts which are there in your personal computers such as processor, networking, storage, and memory. Every element has different options and also features which can be configured as per the requirement. All the parts of the virtual machine can be used in whatever manner needed.

Backup and Recovery

It creates a copy of the virtual machines for Disaster Recovery and stores it in any other physical location so that it becomes possible for you to restore it. There are two options offered by Hyper-V for backup. One method uses the saved states while the second method makes use of VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) which can make application-consistent backups for the programs which are supported by VSS.


There are integration services in every supported guest OS. It possesses customized drivers and several functions, which makes it easier to use the OS in the virtual machine.


There are features like storage migration, import/export, and live migration, due to which it becomes easy to distribute or move any virtual machine, thus making it portable.

Remote Connectivity

There is a remote connection tool which is included in the connection of virtual machine in both Linux and Windows. This tool will give you access to the console, which will enable you to see the things which are going on in the guest even before the OS has been booted. This is a unique feature and better than the Remote Desktop.


The booting process is secure, and the virtual machines are shielded, which protects it against viruses and unauthenticated access to the virtual machine or its data.

Network Enhancement and Performance Enhancement.

Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft Hyper-V

Do more with less

The significant benefit of using Microsoft Hyper-V and virtualization is that it makes you and your company more efficient. In many companies, there are more than 100 servers, and there is only one admin to manage all the data from the data center. When virtualization is implemented in such a company, the management of this data becomes very easy. The new servers could be deployed in a few minutes. Cluster maintenance can be performed with no downtime during the day time to end users. Disaster recovery and backup have been simplified. Virtualization makes it easier to maintain the data, and it will help your admin staff to focus on other real-time projects for the development of the company.


Virtualization provides with tons of flexibility, and it makes life easier. Windows Hyper-V has made live migration of running VMs easier from one host to another. The new feature of Storage Migration allows you to transfer the virtual storage of a running virtual machine from one VM storage repository to another. It can store VMs on any SMB3 file and still use all the advanced features giving you the flexibility to put the VMs on the server. It helps you to save the money from buying SAN, and you don’t have to connect all the Hyper-V servers directly.

Make a difference at your company

The Hyper-V can bring a change not only for the admin but for the entire company. With the Windows Server scalability features, you can add more servers into the infrastructure of Hyper-V. There are several applications which can be used to analyze the virtual network of Hyper-V. The developers can use Client Hyper-V to move the VMs in and out quickly in the infrastructure of Hyper-V.

The incredible thing is that you can combine all these features to perform some tasks in minutes, which used to take days, weeks, or months. This type of cost savings and agility can make a difference in your company.

Disaster Recovery

The Windows Hyper-V Replica feature makes the process of replication of servers across a secure VPN or WAN easier. Earlier only large companies were able to afford server replication, but now it is made possible even for small businesses. It is the best way to protect your servers from disaster.

Save Money

Hyper-V has several advanced features which are available only in the higher versions of VMware vSphere. The hypervisor of Windows is better than the other hypervisors in everything like features offered, ecosystem, and the comfort level of solutions from the company.


Every hypervisor has some pros and cons, but as per the study, we can conclude that Hyper-V is better than others with a lot of features made available at affordable rates. The other hypervisors, like VMware vSphere, will cost more than Hyper-V. Preemo is a trusted company to get the best IT Services and IT Solutions as well as the Microsoft Hyper-V.