In this digital era, if not all law firms are already equipped with some sort of technology in their workplace. There is the cluster of things to keep in mind when setting up a new law firm.  Although technology should make it quite simple and easier to run the law firm, it can sometimes cause some serious issues than it rather solves. Whether it’s an inconstant server, a constantly jamming printer or a weak internet connection, poor technology can really slow them down the performance of the firm down.

If you have just started a new law firm then review the shopping guide of the legal technology, in order to make the right investment so you reap the benefit for the near future. We at Preemo have given a technology checklist that will help you ensure that nothing falls through the cracks when you put together budgets and consider everything you will require from a tech perspective.


Whether an IT specialist is a full-time employee or an IT consultant that visit you only when needed, taking the help of It specialists can save you stress and time. Not only an ideal IT specialist can help you choose the right hardware for your firm. But he/she can also help you determine the security vulnerabilities of your law firm and answer any IT related queries you and your employees may have. It can help to keep your infrastructure running smoothly.


When choosing hardware for new or established law firm, keep in mind that troubleshooting malfunctioning systems and printers cost your staff time than they could have spent on other productive works. If the hardware cannot be repaired, only you have spent more money and valuable time choosing new gadgets in the near future. Remember that cost versus advantage must be an essential consideration. At the minimum, a new or established law firm’s hardware should include reliable:

  • Laser printer
  • Phone system
  • Computers and laptops
  • Document scanner

So, in order to know that of the products you have selected will be reliable, you should research well. Go through the online reviews, ask friends or colleagues about their experience with the products you consider. You can also enlist the help of your IT specialist to help you make the right choice.


Most attorneys understand well the advantages of a good legal case management solution, but many others do not think about the outcomes of choosing the wrong technology. When selecting a legal case management software for the legal firm, do your research and make sure you choose the best possible one for your needs.


The employees at your law firm depend on the net to complete their tasks.  There are many things more frustrating than a slow or interrupted internet connection during a working day. It doesn’t only affect the computer but it also affects the organization’s phone system and cloud-based performance practice management solution. So, upgrade your internet connection, as high-speed translate directly to improved productivity.

To sum up, inadequate technology can cost your law firm productivity, money and time. So, it’s better to make the right decision to set your new or established law form up for successful growth. At Preemo, we provide reliable legal IT support for law firms. For more information on legal technology, get in touch with us!