The IT infrastructure of your business plays a vital role in the growth of your business. The type of equipment you choose in your IT infrastructure and the way you manage it is very crucial for your business. There are various parts in an IT infrastructure that needs to be chosen wisely. But, here in this blog post, we will discuss the in detail about the server – the backbone of every business. The process of converting data into intelligence is one of the most critical operations of your business as data is available everywhere, but actual intelligence is very rare.

If your business fails to have proper infrastructure, technology and application to access, organize and manage the crucial data – then, there are chances that your business might not yield good results. With the right solution at the place, you will be able to effectively manage the data. You will also be able to deliver actionable insights through which you will be able to provide real value to the bottom line.

There are various options of servers available in the market, but the best one among them is the robust and effective Dell PowerEdge. Dell is a trusted company when it comes to IT solutions, and the same goes for its myriad of servers in the PowerEdge series. So, if you have been looking for more information about the PoweEdge server series, then you have come to the right place.

What is the Dell PowerEdge?

The PowerEdge is an advanced server line from Dell, following the naming convention of other Dell IT solutions: the PowerVault and the PowerConnect. The very modern and advance PowerEdge servers helps manage the most demanding business applications. They comprise of advanced features that help run workloads like HPC, collaboration, database, business intelligence, and data warehousing in a much better way. These robust PowerEdge series is a complete adaptive IT solution that offers world-class performance and management advantages to fuel the business applications so that they perform effectively and efficiently.

Once you’ve integrated the advanced PowerEdge server with powerful OpenManage system management portfolio and industry-leading workload solutions, you will get an IT technology that is both simple as well as intelligent. This system allows you to perform better, even in complex environments. Likewise, other technologies that were money-guzzler, complex and underutilized, PowerEdge servers are cost-effective, time-saving and are easy to use.

Unique Features

You should know that the PowerEdge series is built, keeping in mind the need of customers. The IT professionals at Dell spend hours understanding what the customers exactly need from their server. Based on the demands, they use their expertise and experience to make this advanced series of server fit in like a glove. Following are the unique features delivered by these servers:-

· Express Flash PCIe solid-state drives – These drivers are the fastest in the industry as they offer more transaction per second. At the same time, they also enhance the overall speed of the operations.

· Agent-free server management – By using the IDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) along with the Lifecycle controller, you will be able to minimize administration time and use that time for jobs with a higher value.

· The Dell fresh air program – Along with robust performance, these new-gen servers allow you to save money as well. These servers are built to run at much higher ambient temperature, which reduces your overall operational cost.

· Integrated GPU Technology – With the help of widely integrated GPU technology, you will be able to boost the speed of HPC research.

How can PowerEdge make you more effective and efficient?

Faster processing and translation of data

The transformational workload, which includes the latest workload, needs completely different hardware than what was used to process the traditional workload. The traditional workload included file and print, content applications, virtual desktop, etc. On the other hand, the transformational workload includes structured data analytics, cloud-native applications, software-defined storage and much more. The PowerEdge server allows you to manage these data workloads efficiently, thus making it possible for you to process and translate data at a much faster pace.

Designed for your growth

A company needs to tune its IT infrastructure according to its growth, and that’s where the most beneficial advantage of these advance servers from Dell comes into use. With the help of these robust servers, you will be able to scale the data effectively. This further helps you to position your business in the marketplace for both long term and short term goals. With the expansion of your business, you can easily add more chassis in the racks instead of buying additional servers. So adding capabilities without buying new equipment is possible through PowerEdge server.

Frees up data centre space

The PowerEdge from Dell allocates and relocates shared resources pools as per the requirement to help you achieve ideal workload performance. This, in turn, frees up data center space which can further be used for other purposes. In this case, the unused resources are not discarded. That is why they become available for both existing and future configurations.

Easy management

By using the amazing PoweEdge in your IT infrastructure, you will be able to spend less time in managing workload. This saved time can be invested in tasks with a higher value. This advanced server has been designed to simplify and automate administration so that you won’t have to spend much time in its management. Along with easy management, you will also be able to control the administrative cost in a much better way.

How to manage Dell PowerEdge servers?

Most of the people think that managing PowerEdge server along with other IT infrastructure is an easy task. But, no matter how simplified IT infrastructure management seems so, but it is not easy to take out time from your hectic schedule to manage IT.

Instead, it is an excellent choice to work with a company that works powerfully and within the capability of your own IT department, without any hassle of managing all by yourself. One such company is Preemo – which provides proactive, innovative IT services solutions for a variety of businesses in several industries.