Businesses have undergone many change due to the ever-evolving technology, but one thing which has only evolved but not changed for business is the most trusted medium of communication – the emails. You will be surprised to know that in the year 2017, almost 269 billion emails were sent per day, and most of those emails were related to businesses. So, it doesn’t matter how the technology evolves in the future or how the market changes; an email will continue to remain one of the most prominent forms of communication for most of the businesses.

Email is surely a legacy technology, but it has evolved a lot during the past two decades, and this evolution of technology has made Email Security prominent. The numbers of cyber attacks are increasing every year, and with email remaining as the number one threat vector of these attacks, keeping the email system protected has become paramount for every business. The methods of email attacks are getting dangerous and more businesses are facing increasing numbers of phishing attacks, malicious attachments, and ransomware attack.

A secure email gateway is vital for every business in order to keep your firm safe from malicious content that comes along with emails. There are various ways in which a secure email gateway acts as a wall between all the email attacks and your company, and therefore, we are going to talk about secure email gateways in a detailed manner.

How a secure email gateway works

A secure email gateway builds an advanced system of technology which blocks all the possible email threats. The secure email gateway acts as a firewall for your email that never allows any incoming or outgoing emails to pass without its scanning process for detecting malicious content. Although there are various security features offered by different secure email gateways, the most common of them are spam filtering, content filtering, email archiving and virus blocking.

Spam Filtering

As discussed above, different secure email gateways work differently, but in most of the cases, spam filtering is the most focused features. You should know that spam is blocked in different ways but the most common spam filters categorize all those emails as spam which are received from an unknown sender and the advance spam filtering detects patterns in emails like certain keywords and then puts it into the spam category.

Content Filtering

The content filtering is used on all the emails which are sent by the company. Like, if you are using a good and secure email gateway then you can configure it to not to send any sensitive business documents to an external recipient or put a block on image files with chosen keywords.

Email Archiving

It doesn’t matter whether you are using cloud-based or on-premise email service, its proper management is very much important. Through the years, email storage has been one of the biggest headaches for administrators, but with the help of email archiving, this problem can be solved. The email archiving can help in managing both user mailboxes and the effectiveness of your system. Along with email management, email archiving also helps with compliance.

Virus Blocking

The most basic feature of any secure email gateway is virus and malware blocking. Of all the emails which you receive on a daily basis, only 1% of them account for virus-infected emails. In order to block all the emails with virus and malware, your email gateway should scan every inbound and outbound email and keep up to date with the latest threat patterns and characteristics.

These are just some of the basic features of a secure email gateway as the advance features include protection against impersonation attacks, DNS authentication services, threat intelligence dashboard and use of multiple signature-based, static file analysis. A good email gateway will keep your employees safe from spam, malware, phishing, and targeted attacks. Secure email gateways like Mimecast offers advanced security to your business through the full-proof Mimecast email security system.

Things to look for while choosing a secure email gateway for your business

Security from trending threats

Along with the evolution of technology, the cyber threats are also evolving, and that’s why you should have an email gateway which comes intact with the latest anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall protection technology. For example, the reputation filtering feature of email gateways can stop almost all the spam before even entering your network. Along with these basic security features, a secure email gateway should be capable enough to deal with trending threats through automatic classification capability and contextual analysis.

Seamless Customization

Many people don’t understand the importance of customizing their email gateways, but through customization, one can develop custom administrator dashboard, enhance detection capabilities and even generate customized reports. Before choosing a secure email gateway for your business, make sure that it can be easily customized. Easy customization also helps the admin to enhance the threat detection capability, and that’s why customization becomes paramount in case of secure email gateways.

Correct Email Categorization

One of the biggest problems with most of the email gateways is that they sometimes identify important and normal email as spam. If an important email from a client is sent into the spam folder, then you will not be able to respond it on time. Ultimately, you end up losing the client. Similarly, if a malicious email is not identified properly, then it can hamper your system and your business. The detection technique varies for all email gateways, and therefore, you should choose a secure email gateway for your business on the basis of its accuracy of identifying emails correctly.

Email gateways are an important part of any business as it acts as the most important medium of communication. The increasing cyber-attacks and security threats have increased the importance of choosing a secure email gateway, and that’s why a business should choose an email gateway only after proper analysis and research.