The constant ongoing advancements in IT sector have completely transformed the way law firms used to manage their department. Law Firms are well known to provide important legal services to different category  of clients and  therefore they required extensive Information Technology capabilities and  authentic network to support their constant demanding corresponding data and  heavy caseloads.

A reliable and skilled IT support service can help any law firm to reach their business goals. Just because of the IT innovations, lawyers now can easily handle their larger caseloads. They are now able to enhance their communications with existing and potential clients. The leading role played by technology in this legal profession has increasingly become essential and the increasing complexibility of IT cannot also be ignored.  

Here is a long list of six essential things a law firm should consider before getting IT support.

1. 24/7/365 Support

The 24/7/365  support is especially essential for law firms as lawyers need constant access to client’s data and files, no matter whatever happens. A good IT company should always be ready to monitor the systems of your law firm. Disasters can happen anytime. When you lost important data ( client’s information, their case history document) your network is in mess and all you need is an immediate help. Your IT support provider needs the tools and personnel to address the concern.

2. Specialized Skill Set Sophistication

IT department is comprised of team members, not individuals. Therefore, while getting IT support for your law firm, you also have direct access to a great variety of experience, skill sets, specialization and knowledge. This assures you sure that each aspect of  IT needs can be easily met with the best solution.

3. Cybersecurity

A high- level cyber security is critical to all firms, but law firms especially have considerable amount of personal and sensitive client data that needs to be secured. So, A good IT service provider should provide multiple layers of security and protection, as a result of essential requirement.

4. Short Term Contracts

Some IT companies can lock you into a three or four contracts in a first meeting. This is beneficial for them and bad for your firm. Imagine your law firm get locked into long term contracts. No one want the same experience with their IT  support provider when they come across server down and unable to login the system. If your IT company failed to provide you actually want, you should be able to leave the contract anytime. Look for a IT company with monthly contract.

5. Good Reliability

Law is quite a difficult  and demanding profession and lawyers can’t afford to waste their valuable time dealing with technology failure.Therefore a law firm should consider a properly engineered and  reliable IT service provider for all their day to day operations.

6. Easy  Mobile Accessibility

Lawyers spend most of their researching, visiting their clients, or in courts or any other location, they spent their most of the time outside of the office. This is the reason, an IT support company have to guarantee a law firm that their  lawyers and other staff members will be able to access sensitive client’ data and their case information from their smartphones also from any location.


Great IT operations allows your law firm to keep their employees focused in servicing their clients efficiently. At Preemo, we are proud to provide best IT  support and services to law firms in Miami. If you are looking for IT services for your business or law firms, contact us today!