More and more businesses today are adopting the use of Local Area Network (LAN), to enable their employees in sharing a common data source. Without a proper network system, the communication of information and data between computer systems would be impossible, obstructing normal business operation. The computer network is essential to all kinds of business operations; it keeps all useful applications and essential internet services connected to the computer systems.

The two main types of networks are: wireless and wired. As the names indicate, wireless networks use wireless data connections between network nodes while wired networks connect to the systems through cables. There is always an ongoing debate on whether businesses should deliver their LAN’s through a wireless or wired network connection. A grown interest for wireless LAN implementation can be seen in various vertical markets such as education, retail health care and many more.

The increasing popularity of wireless LAN is evidence primarily to their mobility, cost efficiency, productivity and easy to access.Here is a list of six potential benefits of deploying a wireless network.

1. Greater Mobility

Increased mobility and collaboration are the biggest benefits that wireless network holds for most businesses.

Work together more effectively

Roam and work without losing connection

With wireless LAN, your employees can roam around the office or to different terminals without losing their network connection. Being able to sit anywhere in the office, at any corner and accessing the server turns into a significant advantage.

2.  Increased Productivity

Another positive outcome of increased mobility is that it improves business productivity and service. A wireless network allows employees to collaborate when and wherever they need to. Your employees can be more productive as his/her work could be done from any convenient location. Even employees can take their device their place and can work whenever they wish to.

3. Easy Access to Information

Wireless network deployment allows businesses to bring easy access to areas, which are usually tricky to connect to a wired network.  It will enable a company to improve their processes by combining to hard-to-reach areas that are not suitable for a wired setup.

4. Better Robustness

One of the best benefits of deploying a wireless network. Wireless LAN can survive natural disasters such as an earthquake, floods, users pulling wire, etc. People can communicate if the wireless device persists. Whereas, networks which require a wired network will completely break down.

5. Allows  Guest Access

Do clients or guests visit your business place for meetings or other events?  If yes, having a wireless network allows them to access the internet, providing them the ability to work. The wireless network offers a value-added service and offers secure network access to business partners and customers.

6. Improved Responsiveness

Clients always want a quick response to their concerns and queries. A wireless network improves customer service, by connecting the staff to any information whenever they want.

To sum it up, a wireless network can turn out to be a convenient tool for your business. Many businesses are now introducing a selective or limited wireless network to reap its advantages.

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