On a normal day at Preemo, we get dozens of tech-related questions, ranging
from, “How can I get my phone battery to last longer?” to, “How do I prevent our business server from crashing?”

But recently, more and more professionals have been seeking our advice on which iPhone apps they can use to better enhance their productivity. Specifically, people want to know what we’re using to make Preemo as efficient as it is.

Besides apps like Facebook and Gmail, almost everything we do revolves around increasing our productivity; we like making our business day simpler. So after a round-table discussion on our favorites, here are the five business apps we use the most and recommend the highest. (And yes, we know there are actually six apps listed. You’re just going to have to read the rest of the post to find out why.)

1) Card Munch – If you are a networking professional, you probably have a expansive collection of business cards. If you wish you didn’t have to dig through the pile daily, this app is for you. When you connect with someone, take a picture of his/her business card. Card Munch will convert the card to a contact on LinkedIn automatically. This app alone makes LinkedIn the best social media platform for gaining referrals. You can connect with your professional network on a daily basis and never lose a valuable contact again.

2) Asana  – We have a significant number of projects that require a team effort. And while Asana is a new kid on the block, we tinkered a bit and, combined with Dropbox, it has completely replaced Basecamp for us. The mobile app, the iPad app and the web-based software sync perfectly together and keep everyone up-to-date on all of our ongoing projects. As Asana also sends out email reminders every morning, our daily to-do meetings just got a whole lot shorter.

3) Groundwork – Up until recently, we relied on Groundwork as our Basecamp app. While a little steep pricewise, we found it does the best job of replicating Basecamp on a mobile platform. Even though we’re advocates for Asana, we still recognize the best trailblazing project management tool available. (This is the additional app that we mentioned earlier—we couldn’t bear to exclude it as it’s such a great application, but as it is our second app for project management we felt it might be breaking the rules a bit. But as you can see, we kept it in regardless).

4) mbPointer – If you create and deliver Powerpoint presentations on a daily basis (or even on a weekly basis), you need this app. mbPointer turns your phone into a remote control, allowing you to control the entire presentation from the palm of your hand. Never again do you have to be hunched over the computer to manually change the slides while trying to command the room. The app’s only drawback is that it needs a wi-fi connection – and your computer and your phone need to be on the same network.

5) Quickoffice suite – We’ve been waiting for years for Microsoft to release a mobile version of their Office suite, but we’ve be given nothing but rumors. If you need to edit (or create) Microsoft Office documents from your phone, this is the easiest app to use on the market. It syncs with Dropbox, Google Docs and other cloud-based file sharing apps, so you can do practically everything that you can already do from your computer. And, if you don’t need the whole Office suite, you can buy the individual programs.

6) Time Tracker – Even outside of hourly-charged projects, we recommend using Time Tracker. It’s easy to use and shows exactly how much time we are spending on any given project (including the building out of our new store). We’ve seen our productivity increase since we started tracking our time through this app. It’s immensely beneficial and we recommend it for professionals across all industries.

 We also know how to make your battery last longer and how to prevent your server from crashing, so keep all those tech questions coming. We’re here to help seven days a week.