In this era of Digital Marketing, all sized businesses are transferring their important applications and data to cloud computing in order to avail benefits through the same. Cloud computing is the ideal solution for the business which has limited resources. It allows them to focus on running their business rather than managing their  IT resources.

It even enables you to access your applications,programs and data outside of your computing environment easily rather than storing your software and data on your server or computer. The entire data gets stored in ‘the cloud’ based storage system. It can store databases, applications, email and other file services.

It’s time to take a look at 6 benefits you can avail by transferring your business network to the cloud:

1. A Cost Saving Solution

One of the significant benefits of switching to cloud computing is that companies or organisations can avoid large capital expenditure on upgrades and hardware. Since, business organizations do not have to operate a data center and purchase expensive equipments, they don’t need to spend money on utilities, hardware and various other aspects related to operations.

2. Flexibility and Mobility get increased

Applications and Data stored in cloud computing are accessible to employees irrespective of their location. Employees can take their work along with them anywhere, anytime and access it through their smartphones and tablets. All the confidential data, files, documents and IT tools stay secure with the help of Cloud Computing.

3. Secure and protected data

All the programs, applications and data sent to the cloud is encrypted that prevent it being interrupted  by online criminals. These infected files automatically fail to back up, where viruses are detected. Therefore, Cloud Computing prevents network from being infected.

4. Improved collaboration

Cloud Computing applications improve your business collaboration and allow disseminated groups to meet effectively and share information via shared storage in real time.This process of data storage and transmission reduces wastage of time and can improve customer service and product development.

5. Applications become handy

Cloud Computing offers the advantage of portable applications, when designed properly. Business data and applications can be easily moved from traditional computing environment to the cloud and back again without any hassle. This process adds flexibility to the businesses depending on their customized use of data and applications. Businesses can yield the best out of the cloud as well as traditional environments.

6. Unlimited storage

Unlimited storage is the most widely used feature of cloud computing service. Cloud based networks don’t provide physical restrictions on data storage. When your device is running out of space, your storage plan can be easily increased simply and quickly without investing in additional hardware.

Cloud computing services are becoming extremely popular with businesses of all sizes.

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