If you are running an accounting firm, you must be more concerned about the data you are using, since you are dealing with one of the most sensitive types of data out there. Any company’s financial data gives the blueprint to the firm’s core, which is why such data should be shared, forwarded, saved, and edited with precision and on a highly secured platform only.

It doesn’t matter how good your accounting service is or how long you have been maintaining your clients’ books; if you are not able to keep their data secure, there is no way you will be able to survive in the industry.

But you don’t need to worry about keeping your system and data secure from an attack if you work with Preemo. At Preemo, we take all the measures that allow accounting firms to win the trust of their clients and deal with their financial data without worrying about security breaches.

Here are the top 5 ways Preemo can protect your accounting firm:

Building stronger perimeter defenses
We will start with first building a more robust perimeter defense for your accounting firm. It is the perimeter defense that will keep cybercriminals away, and the chances of any cyber attack will also reduce with a good perimeter defense. We will build different security layers around your castle, like the use of firewalls, which will deal with advanced malware detection, web filtering, IPS, and much more.

In addition to this, we will also harden the device configuration, build stringent security protocols, and ensure that all the software solutions being used in the firm are always updated. This is what we provide through our investment firms IT support.

Repel virus, phishing, and other attacks
In addition to building a stronger perimeter defense, we will also take care of the different types of virus, phishing, and other attacks used by online criminals to get access to your data or system. We will use updated and advanced anti-virus, along with an anti-malware system to protect your network from any data breach.

In addition to this, we will even provide regular training to all your employees so that they can easily differentiate between a malicious link and a genuine link. This might sound like a simple strategy, but it is so vital once you know that most cyberattacks occur because of human errors. Dealing with viruses and phishing is an important part of our investment firms IT support.

Encrypt sensitive data and other applications
When you are running an accounting firm, most of the data you deal with daily could be susceptible, so we will use the necessary encryption application.

Encryption is a way of scrambling data so that only authorized users will be able to read it. This means that after encryption, if the data you are using in your accounting firm lands in the hands of a criminal, it will be of no use since they will not have the key to read the contents.

Review compliance requirements
There are a handful of companies out there that deal with highly sensitive data, and your accounting firm belongs in this category. This is why strict regulatory compliance has been set for such companies when dealing with data.

These compliance requirements are legal concerns for any firm belonging to this particular sector. When you choose IT support for an accounting firm from Preemo, we will even review the relevant compliance requirements to ensure that you are following the rules laid down by the government.

Timely upgrade your software and applications

Updating software on a single computer when working alone seems simple, but the same process becomes highly complicated when running a business and using multiple software solutions. But you can get rid of this issue by using IT support for an accounting firm from Preemo.

We will not only take care of the security layers, regulatory compliance, and providing proper training, but we will take care of software updates as well. If you do not update your software solutions, you will be making the software vulnerable to security risks, and you will even miss out on the opportunity to use new features. This is why software and application updates are a part of our IT support for financial firms.

Running an accounting firm and not using the best possible IT support for financial firms is dangerous because, if you lose your clients’ data, you could lose your firm. But Preemo is your trusted partner, since we have been keeping accounting firms secure for many years.