With time the technology became advanced and introduced elements like artificial intelligence and virtualization. The prospect of new technology also increased the risk of confidential data getting theft or malicious negatively.

2017 was not a great year for network security, wanna cry ransomware affected almost 150 countries where more than 23,0000 computer network were attacked. From car manufacturers to big telecom industry everyone was at receiving end of this threat. .

At the end of the year, one of the biggest entertainment channel HBO network was hacked resulted in loss of 1.5 tb system data. All of these indicated towards the upcoming threats that can harm your system even more than ever you have faced before.

The world technology has been growing at a rapid pace which can create more issues in coming years. So the question is :-

What we should expect in 2018 for network security?

Corporates finally recognised the threat of leaving network vulnerable on system without security. Now companies are allocating their money and focus more on cyber protection instead of avoiding it or taking it casual like they used to. According to the survey, more than 80% of companies are spending 15% or more money on security as well as increasing their employment of this sector and hiring outside agency experts for the same.

Companies need to understand one thing very clearly, allocating money and resources are not enough to disappear threat magically. It has been observed that companies are only focusing on detection and elimination. Instead they should be focused towards prevention of it so that no virus can able to enter the system anyhow.

Increasing valuable ATR (automated threat response)

Number of active threats on internet is in great numbers that one can’t get rid of at once. When the attack on system is done by something, it does not come up with one hit instead the group of viruses and malware make a strong forceful entry towards system files and storage. To give the response you also need something equally powerful and instant which can able to handle numerous of malwares together. A human allocation can only detect and eliminate the virus after the attack but a automated protector is much more than human is capable of.

It is a software which is specifically designed to fight against all the possible threats that can harm the network security of the company. It is the process of taking action against the detected virus/malware. The system is allocated to prevent the virus from entering as there is already a predefined action to take step forward against the virus before even it tries to infect the storage.

Dedicated experts

Now companies are looking forward towards allocating a dedicated team of expert for the security of network. It has become necessary as well as essential in order to prevent the loss that virus can cause to company. A highly trained and skilled experts stay updated with the technology and familiar with every kind of virus which is active on web. They are trained to detect the infection of the system and eliminate it from the network so that it will never appear again in future.

Businesses are looking more and more forward towards outsource management. They are experts and stay available 24×7 for the clients. It saves time and money also reduce the stress of hiring and handling of the team.

Your most crucial concern should be security of your data and network as digital world is all about protecting precious files and storage from theft, leak and virus. Spend the money on security and trust me you will get back with more than you spend.