The cloud migration procedure includes transportation of data, applications and other business elements from an on-site computers. Also, it enables the moving of data from one cloud environment to another.

Below are the five steps you need to keep in mind during cloud migration.

1. Analyse current application and data

The first step is to analyze your IT infrastructure, the applications, data, resources and cost. Analysing these will help you in making the right decision during cloud migration. It is essential to determine which application should be migrated. In addition, some of the apps are more suitable for  servers rather than migrating to the cloud. So, find out what application can be used.

After analysing the applications; you need to make sure what amount of storage do  they need, what is the cost of physical servers and server management. The appropriate analyzation of infrastructure and cost consumption, helps in achieving the effective cloud migration results.

2. Consult the leadership team

Take support from your executives and management team on deciding the strategy, resources and risks. The intellectual conversation with your leadership team can give you different ideas and suggestions that can effectively be implemented in order to attain the secured cloud migration.

3. Thrive a migration plan

A proper cloud migration plan can be helpful in maintaining the work priorities. So, plan accordingly which will not delay the other projects that are connected to cloud migration. Also, it is important to ensure the whole process winds up in a short period of time. Cloud migration provides assistance in enhancing the application extension, that ultimately result in a better productivity. The whole cloud migration phase offers you the opportunity to enhance and migrate the applications and data.

4. Interact with implementation team

After dealing with the above three aspects, it’s time to interact with the implementation team. Having a constant communication with the implementation team is important, to stay updated about the migration process. Your implementation team is provided with internal and external resources. Basically, the team consists of a program manager, IT expert and an application administrator.

5. Execute cloud migration

Finally, it is time to execute the cloud migration. Executing the migration procedure may contain many aspects like effective strategy, quality resources and a great implementation team. In addition, it is also important to make sure the process is running duly. The implementation also requires the agility and appropriate work flow throughout the process.

To sum it up, it is essential to plan and implement sequence wise in order to attain the effective result during cloud migration. For more information, contact us now.