In today’s modern office environment, you rely on technology for your business to run smoothly and efficiently. Unfortunately, glitches, malfunctions, and user errors do happen, and – without the proper IT support – Miami businesses can suffer a great deal.

You’re probably thinking, “But that’s why we have an IT guy, right?” Well, yes, but to be honest, your IT guy may not be able to handle everything that your systems need to continue running efficiently. What happens if your IT guy is already occupied helping with an issue in one department when a server goes down in another? This is just one of many issues that can arise when employing a single person for all of your managed IT services. Let’s take a look at five reasons for partnering with a full-service IT company instead of hiring a full-time IT support employee.


Problems with your network and devices can sometimes pile up. They don’t “wait in line,” sitting patiently for their turn. When you have a connectivity problem in one department and a server error in another, you need managed IT services to take care of both problems at once.

With managed IT services from an IT company, you’ll get round-the-clock monitoring and support. That means you’ll have someone monitoring your entire network, your employees’ workstations, your company’s servers, as well as all backup equipment. Whenever a problem arises, your staff members can immediately call your IT company for service at any time, day or night.

Imagine a major network failure occurring while your IT guy was on vacation or out sick for a few days. It would be a disaster. With an IT company, though, you’ll be covered for any number of issues every day of the week.


What happens if you have a system failure that is outside of your IT guy’s range of experience? What do you do if your IT guy doesn’t have the right skill set to deal with a problem like a malware invasion or a network crash? This not only can affect your data’s security but also create a lot of downtime for your employees.

While your tech support employee tries to figure out what’s going on and how to fix the problem, you could lose a great deal of revenue if the issue prevents your other employees from completing their tasks. On the other hand, if you hire an IT company for technical support, you will have access to a fleet of experts with a wide range of resources.


A well managed IT services company will also provide support for with redundancy systems. All important data, software, and systems will be backed up on-site or through the cloud, and you will never have to worry about losing client information, project files, or anything else on your workstations or servers.

In fact, with redundancy services like these, many companies actually completely eliminate their need for in-house servers. Because they have everything backed up to the cloud, they have no need to purchase, maintain, and/or repair those machines, which saves both time and money.


Furthermore, when you choose IT support in Miami over an in-house IT employee (or department), you can say goodbye to a great deal of liability. When you hire a company for IT consulting in Miami, it assumes responsibility for its workers and pays all work-related insurance. The workers aren’t your full-time employees, so you aren’t responsible for them and will never be held liable for their work or well-being.


Finally, you have a few options available to you when you choose an IT company over an IT guy. An in-house, full-time IT guy will be on standby earning a full wage even when there aren’t any problems to address. A hired managed IT services company, on the other hand, will visit your workplace first to perform a free IT assessment.

During an assessment, an IT company will determine the overall health and efficiency of your business’ technology, then make appropriate recommendations and explain all of your options, which include managed IT services or on-demand IT support.

If you need more consistent network and device monitoring, you can choose a flat rate program for managed IT services available to you around the clock, as needed. If your IT service needs are more sporadic, you can select on-demand support, in which case you will pay for a set number of support hours, which you’ll be able to schedule.

For example, if you only expect to need service during certain hours of the day, you’d schedule those times instead of paying someone to come into the office or monitor your network and devices when they aren’t in use and/or no technical support is necessary.

For less money than you would spend on a full-time IT employee, you can have 24-hour-a-day help desk support, remote IT solutions, and the ability to schedule on-site appointments if necessary.

Ready To Explore The Options?

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