IT for law firms is more important than ever before. Lawyers are in the business of practicing law, and they often don’t understand how important IT is for their practice. A critical part of technology services for any law firm is managed IT support. Having managed IT support makes a law firm run more efficiently in many respects. Here are five reasons for every law firm to get managed IT support:

1. Security for client records

Attorneys have the duty to maintain client confidentiality. In addition to ethical rules that require attorneys to keep information private, attorneys often have access to medical records. A law firm that receives sensitive medical information may fall under the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA).

By having managed IT support, a law firm can have the confidence to know that they’re taking the steps legally necessary to protect client information. With managed IT, you have professionals helping you do everything that you can to protect confidential information. If a breach occurs, you can rest assured that the firm did all it could to protect the information and comply with privacy requirements.

2. Increased productivity

With managed IT support, you can get help quickly when there’s a problem. If you try to manage things on your own, there may be significant time delays while you wait for an answer to the problem. Trying to go it alone may put each and every employee in the position of having to troubleshoot when IT problems occur. Problems can cost valuable working time and can even prevent an entire department from getting things done. With managed IT support, you can resolve problems quickly.

3. Troubleshooting on your own is often inefficient

If you leave it to employees to fix IT problems on their own, they may create more problems than they solve. Asking a lawyer or a paralegal to fix a computer, troubleshoot a networking issue or make decisions about IT infrastructure is asking them to do something out of their skill set and out of their job description. Working with managed law firms IT support, rather than trying to fix things on your own, you can contact a professional who has the skills to determine the problem and offer the best solution.

4. Protect yourself from computer hacks and viruses

Without IT support services for law firms, you’re opening yourself up to attacks from hackers. Computer viruses may steal client information and payment information. When you have managed law firms IT support, you have professionals that know what to do to protect your office from hackers and viruses.

5. You can use new technologies sooner

With IT support services for law firms, you have professionals guiding you towards the latest technology. You can take advantage of cloud technology and new software as soon as it’s available. Ultimately, newer technologies can give you the edge in the office and in the courtroom.

How managed IT support can help your law firm

IT support services for law firms can help you work efficiently. You can stay up to date on new technologies and implement them quickly. Ultimately, the right law firms IT support can help you provide efficient and effective legal services.