One of the pivotal reasons behind installing security cameras at home or office is to protect the surroundings in your absence. The surveillance camera prevents the place from any kind of mishappening.

Today, purchasing security cameras is not a very cheap process. We tend to spend thousands of dollars in buying this surveillance system. But what is the point of having a camera,  if at the end, you will not get the desired result from it. On the contrary, after some time it demands replacement.

Every single device requires maintenance. It is the only factor that ensures its efficient performance for a longer period of time. The same is applicable for the functioning of the surveillance system. I am sure, most of you must not have even reflected over the kind of maintenance a CCTV system demands. It might sound complicated, yet it’s mandatory for smooth performance of the device.

It’s time to take a look at these 5 tips for maintaining your CCTV system for a longer time:

1. Clean lenses frequently

Check you camera lenses once in a week or on alternate days to wipe off any kind of dust, snow, smudges, water spots etc. which are creating problems for the camera to capture clearer image. You can use compressed air blower to blow away the dust particles on it, if it is required. In case, it demands extra efforts, then, gently clean the lens by using microfiber brush as it does not harm the lens in any way.  

2. Check housing of camera

The camera enclosure should remain water proof always. Check this aspect by opening housing of your camera to check if there are any signs of water, dust or condensation within. This will help you to be aware about the enclosure whether it is still protecting camera from water and dust or not.  If it is not, then, take it to some service centre for its repairing.

3. Examine corrosion surrounding the device  

You must check the connectors whether they are corroded or functioning smoothly! If you come across the traces of corrosion, then, immediately replace it to avoid abrupt malfunction in its performance. Detecting corrosion of the device at an early stage will prevent damage.  

4. Clear the hard drive

Firstly, you will require a capacious hard drive to store your data. The second step will be to clear the drive weekly or monthly depending on the usage. The consumption of the drive determines the tendency at which it will run out of space. If you utilize 1 Terabyte (TB) space on a daily basis, easily by recording the footage throughout the day, the drive will run out of the space soon. It is wise to clear the unnecessary data after taking its backup. In the process of backing up, you can save the essential as well as useful data.  

5. Check recordings timely

You must verify recordings everyday, if possible. At times, camera starts recording cliches in the footage. It is advisable for you to check the footage daily before any mishap takes place. This may even result in loss of data or tampering the footage further making it inaccessible .

Most of you might be wondering, buying security cameras involves much stress as compared to security. Well, that’s not the case, maintenance of CCTV is similar to the process of management of other devices at home. It is not necessary that managing CCTV would prove to be problematic always. It  usually happens with people who are not familiar with the process of handling CCTV system. However, one should maintain and check all the factors of installation of the device to ensure smooth performance.

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