In this digital era, all sized businesses need to have an efficient, reliable and fast network they can trust. It is apparent to have the right hardware to install network cable. Installing a  proper network cable requires a proper planning in a budget-friendly way.

Network cabling can be a difficult task for a layman. Earlier, people used to get this job done without paying much attention. Installing a network cable can be faulty if the process is not implemented on.

Additionally, if you don’t possess much knowledge about the installation process, then, you might overlook the mistakes.  Hence, take a look at the five common mistakes which must be avoiding during the installation of a network cable:

1. Avoiding improper cable Management

While installing a network cable, cable management is considered as a good option. But, it can be expensive considerably. Cable Management is an essential process to sort and manage the cables for a longer time. With the help of cable management, you will be able to manage cables without any hindrance.

2. Installing the cable near noisy Devices and  Fixtures

Loud and heavy noises can easily influence the mechanism of the network data cable. The noisy motors, bright lights and other related devices. They altogether hamper electrical and magnetic waves further causing interruption in the overall mechanism of your cable as well.  Choosing a proper noise-free location is the best idea to install network cable rightly.

3. Skipping the testing process of cable

The testing part of installing network cable comprises a list of priorities. This process is an essential component of network cable installation. It is advisable to test your infrastructure using proper tools. You must ensure that the cable is compatible with the transmission speed for smooth operation. You should never ignore the cabling standards for better performance of the network cable.

4. Ignoring the distance limitations

You must keep in mind the distance which the network cable has to cover while installation. Every cable comes with its own  set of distance limitations. These limitations can cause disturbance in the whole process. All you need to check is the distance parameters for consistent performance of the network cable.

5. Overlooking the Rules and Regulations

If you overlook the rules and regulations related to voltage of cabling, then, it can be risky. You might even put your safety at stake. Use of PVC jacketed cabling is banned in most of the locations. Hence, it’s better to make sure that task is executed properly. This step must be considered prior to installation of network cable. This is a safety check which you must not ignore.


These five common mistakes  are often ignored by people while installing a network cable. We, at Preemo, provide the best IT solutions. We have been recognized as a trusted leader in South Florida and Miami area since 2009. For more information related to network cabling services  get in touch with us!