The rapid evolution of technology has changed the day-to-day working of every business today, and the practice of law is no exception. Gone are the days when lawyers used to carry around hefty files with them to the court filled with sensitive information of their clients or the case itself. Scrap out the traditional, going digital is the norm of this era and you’ll be quickly left behind by competitors who are increasing their productivity using the latest tech in town.

Investing in each and every tech out there is stupid. You simply need to invest carefully in the tech which will help you to marginally streamline your law firm’s processes. In this blog we will mention some technologies that law firms all around the world are taking advantage of to rake in more business and to secure the business that they already have

1. Research Online
Collecting research papers the old way incurs high costs, both in terms of money and time. Costs which have been reduced to nil with recent technologies such as Google Scholar and Thomson Reuters Westlaw (the biggest resource in legal online research). Both of these options provides lawyers with unprecedented, free access to a lot of legal materials, all of which are presented in a user-friendly interface.

2. Cloud Based Legal Software
Cloud based softwares come in handy when a large amount of data needs to be accessed, stored or modified quickly and securely. Or in other words, perfect for law firms. There’s no need for big file rooms anymore for protecting sensitive client data, everything can be stored online using a secure IT cloud solution. There are many options out there offering cloud solutions that can fit your need but Preemo outscores them all in terms of security and cost.

3. Online Billing
Consider this, the easier it is for you as a law firm to invoice your clients and for them to pay your invoice, the lag in collecting fees will be cut-short by a considerable margin saving you a lot of effort and time. And online billing is the way to do it. It’s a win-win for both you and your clients as online billing makes it easier for your clients to pay you the due fees using credit cards and other payment methods and you receive payments faster, the increased cash flow can then be used to facilitate your firm’s day to day activities effectively.

4. E-SIgnatures
If you are impressed by the above point, there is just a small hiccup in the way of implementing it. And that is getting it attested. Electronic signatures or e-signatures can come to your rescue here. Embrace them, use an online software that provides such service and you are ready to bill online.

5. Researching on-the-go
While you can easily research online at your desk on your trustable computer, sometimes you are just short on time. Place the research on your fingertips as services like Thomson Reuters Westlaw, have their own mobile app which you can access easily using your mobile, anytime and anywhere.

Use these technologies and grow your business like never before. Seriously, the cost of using these services is minimal while the value they provide is priceless!