The market of real estate sector keeps on fluctuating which compriises with population, migration, customer behavior and new policies by government/real estate company. For instance, there are certain factors which are the reasons for the frequent fluctuation of the productivity in a real estate company.

Here are 5 factors that eventually affects the real estate sector in terms of many ways such as productivity, availability, price and quality.

1. Demographics

Real estate can be influenced by the demographics which is composition of a population

Consisting of income, migration patterns and population growth. These statistics are the first and foremost to analyse in order to gain the consistency of growth of a real estate company. Often, it has been seen that this factor is overlooked by most of the companies. but , it can be bring a vast change towards the better productivity and huge revenue.

2. The economy

One of the most essential key factors is the overall economy of a country that majorly impacts the real estate market. The economy of a country measures the ability of one particular customer to invest in a property. Generally, the economy can be determined by the factors like GDP, income growth and unemployment.

3. Government Policy

The another factor is the frequent amendments in the context of property policy released by government. Real estate companies are most dependent on the government policies to increase and decrease their current price. Amendments like tax credits, subsidies and deduction are the few of the factors which are responsible to influence the real estate market.

4. Interest Rates

Interest rates provided by a real estate company can bring a vast change in its demand. If a real estate company is constantly changing its interest rates over a property, then, this can influence the ability of a customer to buy a property. The constant conversion in the interest rates only makes the rigid situation and ultimately it hinders the growth in the real estate market.

5. Amenities

This factor can be a minor influence  for the real estate business but sometimes creates a huge effect on its market price demand and availability. When the property is in good condition with a better infrastructure and modern amenities, the value of the property gets increases. But, the same is not offered by the company, it influences the whole real market with less demand and requirements.

To summit up, there are many factors that can influence the real estate sector and its market demand that eventually decides the market price.  These above factors are the major factors which can influence the real estate market.