Cctv camera’s often face obstruction in providing clear visuals due to various of weather conditions or a barrier in front of lens. The main motive of installing cctv at home or office is to look at events that happened behind your back or in your absence.

What will be the point of having cctv camera, if you are not able to get clear footage just because of not having appropriate knowledge regarding to its maintenance. Same like humans, machine also need regular checkup and care to avoid the doctors of machine.   

Winters usually bring little more problem than summer due to its ever changing conditions. You never know what day will turn out rainy or which will come out with heavy snowfall. Preparing your cctv according to the conditions is necessary to avoid these cliches.

You have to make sure that this critical weather conditions and low temperature should not affect home surveillance system performance.

These 5 tips will ensure a smooth and optimal system performance this winter to your cctv :-

  1. Check system enclosure

A cctv camera enclosure is the first thing that provides protection to camera lens. It is a first layer of coverage on lens which prevent camera from any kind of damage or weather condition such as snow, wind, water etc. if you face even a small lag in your cctv footage, inspect enclosure before any other part of it, check if the enclosure is still  providing protection to it or not?. Look for every kind of loophole, having a moisture inside also indicates towards less protection and damage.

  1. install extreme temperature security camera

If you live in a country or a city where you face extreme cold temperature every year in winters, then install extreme temperature security cameras. These camera are able to survive in a cold conditions as the camera consist in-built heater to face winter’s extreme temperatures. Built in heater helps security camera to stay in a operational condition by preventing fogging and condensation from electrical damage. This cctv’s can even used in summers comfortably.

  1. Get rid of camera obstruction

Even in winters, you have to make sure that landscaping of both inside and outside area of cctv is visible and clear. There should be no obstruction in front of lens which is preventing a clearer footage to record. The monitored area should be free from tree branches, dust, snow, water, object or anything that is covering lens view.

  1.  Regular checkup of power supply

Do a regular checkup just to ensure that there should be no power loss to cctv. Winters usually turn worst when storms and heavy rain start falling. The chances of power loss increase in this cases. Hence, it becomes necessary to see whether the power supply is consistent or lost.

  1. Care camera lenses

Doesn’t matter how expensive camera you bought with high resolution lens. All this dust, snow, wind, rain water reduce the quality of lens as time pases by. Cleaning your lens at least once in a week is important specially in winters as snow and moisture tends to harm its component faster than any other factors. Take a fibre cloth and wipe lens gently every weekend.

Machine’s are delicate and sophisticated, they need care for long and smooth running of it . Always check the wires, lens, recorder frequently for better quality of footage and camera’s life.