The key to a successful IT operation is a strategic alignment of IT with business goals. It is the priority of most of the progressive CIOs unlike the executives who are interested in only the answer to – how IT delivers value to business. So, let’s talk about those crucial areas where business should be aligned with the IT. It is best recommended that you make a document that has your detailed action plan. The reason being, it is related to these areas and how you should approach them.

1. Seamless Communication

The chief area for alignment would be the communication as it is an integral part of every organization. A successful alignment would be when different departments of business and IT understands each other’s goals. What you can do to achieve this is build committees, programs, executive sponsors etc. This will help bridge the gaps between both of them along with helping them understand each other’s goals as well as pain points.

2. Partnerships

IT is a valuable part of any organization and needs to be embedded deep in their business. For this to be successfully implemented, ensure that IT has a visible role in your strategic business planning. Moreover, create shared risks and goals as well. Assigning a sponsor for IT is often helpful in this alignment.

3. Evaluate the metrics

You may think business objectives have no connection whatsoever with the IT metrics. But the metrics of IT are closely associated with your business objectives. Thus, you can create formal reviews, SLAs and assessments in order to provide a level of visibility and accountability.

4. Scope and Skills

When it comes to architecture, scope and skill areas, you have succeeded with the alignment, if IT is seen as a flexible and supportive partner. Also, a professional environment where innovation is supported and teams are motivated to build skills to support each other is the testament of a successful alignment. To make it a reality,  an environment of open communication where the need to modify current efforts is addressed and opportunities for career crossovers are created, has to be established.

5. Governance

Another of the important areas is administration where your business objectives need to be aligned with the IT investments. Nevertheless, one should understand its mechan Have steering committees in place inclusive of both business and IT leadership. This is to review organizational criteria such as employee goals and IT investment.


So, these are the key areas where you business has to be aligned with the IT. This dynamic state of alignment allows an organization to effectively use IT. This help business houses improve their market competitiveness and financial performance. If you want to know more about business alignment criteria, get in touch with us!