Are you overwhelmed with maintaining the IT solutions of your law firm? A law firm has lot of IT challenges to manage among which data breach is one of the most common and severe one. Truth be told, managing the onsite IT solutions is becoming costly and difficult than ever. With internet security breaches going to the roof, cloud computing for security management has become extremely necessary to consider. It offers you the benefit of scalability, increased productivity and low cost that ultimately leads to higher client satisfaction.

When it comes to security, it’s not only your data that is on the line but also the sensitive information of your clients that they have entrusted you with. It has been found that cloud system is better and more secure option than any other. However, storing your data in cloud is not enough. You have to follow the security protocols and take certain measures to protect them.

1. Data backup and recovery

You need to have a comprehensive backup as well as recovery plan in place to ensure your data is secured in the event of a cyber attack. A well designed recovery plan becomes critical so that you can be up and running in no time, especially if you are dealing with time sensitive materials. But make sure that you review the recovery plan to have a clear understanding of what to do when in emergency.

2. Compliance to security standards

The cloud computing social standards are evolving fast. Make sure that your security provider is adhering to the industry standards such as ISO 27001. Also, perform due diligence by ensuring that your platform is in compliance with the standards that are required for your area of practice and your business.

3. Avoid using free emails, public computers and mobile devices

When you use Gmail and Yahoo among other free email services for your clients or law firm, you can’t expect privacy. The same goes for the public computers such as computer time offered to the public by law schools, libraries etc. These computers basically store your information that can be accessed by other people. So, don’t use them to access password protected websites or to acquire any law firm data. Also, mobile devices and laptops have the highest risk of cyber attack. Have a formal security policy regarding mobile devices in place.

4. Build a governance team

No doubt, in the short term it is a costly investment. But in the long run, it not only pays for itself but is simply worth your hard earned money. If you are a large firm and have enough funds to allocate, hire the right people and build a governance team.

5. Employee education and training

Make sure that you are educating your employees about what makes law firms a major target for security breaches. Have them aware of the common data security threats so they understand the seriousness of the situation. Moreover, to train your employees and apply the security procedures, get the help of your cloud service provider.

In today’s changing technological landscape, cloud security is also evolving fast. So, make sure that you understand the security model of your provider to safeguard yours as well as client’s data. At Preemo, we provide secure cloud computing solutions to improve your IT security, streamline workflow and increase your conversion rate. To know more about our specialized cloud services, get in touch with our professionals today!