Is your IT infrastructure up to your business task? Or it’s the time to migrate to modern services and solutions, designed to mitigate advanced risks?  Every IT Manager at one time or another will need to encounter this expensive decision at some point in their professional life. Some managers recognize the warning signs at the right time and put a smart plan of action together as early as possible.  Other managers recognize the warning signs and wait to take an action until the last moment. Unfortunately others, don’t see the potential warning signs and as a result, have to put extra efforts to upgrade the servers before it’s too late.

Being unprepared can lead to huge expenses and sometimes, data lost. So, how do you know whether or not, if you need to upgrade your server? By paying attention to a few potential warning signs, you can easily catch your server failure before it happens.


Once the warranty of your server expires, the manufacturer is not responsible for any kind of repairs, if a breakdown happens. The manufacturer no longer can offer you spare parts, and even they do, the parts can be expensive. The expense of keeping the old sever work can be quite high when compared to the expense of an upgrade to a new one. Our team of trained engineers can access, maintain and support your server infrastructure, well there are no reasons that life of a server cannot be extended.


Storing databases, emails, images, video and more requires an extended disk space. Well, you can add space to the existing hardware, but it’s always not the best option, because you eventually going to run out of expansion options. If you are constantly in search of new folders in order to recover the disk space, it’s a sign that you need to upgrade the server.


Is most of your time is spent,  troubleshooting and fighting with server issues, to keep your systems up and run smoothly?  It’s time to take a break! Your time can be well spent on other important projects if you will think seriously about upgrading your severe.


Most servers can work well for more than four years with regular maintenance. After that, approaching,  routine maintenance visits become more frequent and quite expensive and you have no choice other than to weigh costly replacements or repairs. In case your server demands frequent maintenance and care, it can be a sign of any significant issue or complete severe failure. Before it’s too late, it’s better to upgrade your severe instead of waiting for a disaster to strike.

So, these were some of the potential warning signs that help you discover the right time to upgrade your servers. For more expert advice on upgrades and other server issues. Get in touch with us!