Do you want to see what is going inside and outside of your property even when you are not there?  One of the best and effective ways to do this is by installing a home security camera. The effectiveness of a home security camera is shattered and made by its installation. Even the top quality security cameras are sometimes less effective when they are not installed in a right location. The correct installation can safeguard your property and also helps you stop the burglars. Before putting the home security cameras, ensure make sure to complete a risk assessment in order to determine the right place to install the security camera on your property.  

When it’s about protecting your family, you must reliably believe the gut-feel and analyze your needs.If your house is already equipped with security systems, or you are wondering if getting the, we at Preemo encourage you to go through the best five recommended spots to install security cameras to better secure against bad guys.


The front door of any residential property is the very popular entrance point for thieves and criminals. Most of the burglars enter your house through the front door entry point, that’s why it is important to get a security system here. When you install a home security camera at the front entry, all you need to consider the goal of entire security. To keep burglars from tapping out your security camera, install the camera at the height of the front door.


Although the front gateway is not always a great idea, some intruders choose the back entrance to enter your home, so you need a security camera in this location as well.  The situation is bad for homes with sliding doors that can provide easy entry to a thief. You should cover every entrance with a security CCTV camera, again also try to install the security camera out of human reach.


Most of the houses have got access doors through the basements, and in some houses, there are tiny windows that are enough big for a criminal to crawl easily. Install a home security camera on the stairs of your home driving up from the basement to record any intruder who sneaks bad intentions onto your property.


The advanced-day home office is an intruder’s candy shop, with expensive phones, printers, laptops and other electronic devices that they can sell and get a good amount. The modern home office is also the spot many people keep important and confidential documents like property papers, passports, bank statements. With so much important at stake, our experts at Preemo strongly recommend you to install a security camera at your home office.

To sum up, installing a home security camera is not only enough, you have to place them in the right spots. Preemo’s CCTV and Security Surveillance solutions combine great features for both exterior and interior security of your home and your family. Contact us today!