Running a business? Catering to numerous people at once? Using cloud and or social media platforms to stay connected? If the answer to all the aforesaid is yes then you must be working on a wide wi-fi network solution. Today, businesses are heading to fully managed wifi solutions in order to get more done without having to waste any time on looking after the wide requirement for wifi solutions. You can’t have a department specifically for network management. Let the experts handle your internet management so you stay connected seamlessly. Read ahead on some amazing benefits of fully managed wifi solutions.

Their management is scalable and proactive

One you assign a wifi service, you liberate yourself from the hassle of looking for regularly popping up wifi issues. Leave it to the experts who run this network management on virtual WLANs. Your wifi network is managed proactively, 24 x 7 so you get a seamless service. You get hassle free network with installation and networking channelling all taken care of. Tech issues are a priority and they are resolved even before they are reported. This proactiveness is practiced as a part of a monthly management service. The network is designed in such a manner as to serve in a proactive manner.

No more network interruptions with 24×7 seamless uptime

With a wifi management solution you get a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. A consistent wifi network is ensured so you don’t face any unwarranted interruptions in your network. Once you sign up for a fully managed wifi solution, it is upon your wifi management solution provider to undertake the designing, implementation and supplemental IT support. Optimal performance is ensures with consistent monitoring. Installing a wireless network system requires not just technical expertise but a plethora of tech resources, a dedicated IT crew and management. With a fully managed wifi solution a business can focus on other real time issues than worrying about the network.

Thoroughly secure

WLAN systems being open to multiple users give them access to the network also makes the network prone to security issues. With managed wifi solutions, your network is monitored through a more secure channel. Built-in firewalls easily detect malware and Monitoring your systems also makes it easier to track users, devices and hence detect and prevent any kind of disruption and intrusion into your wireless network. Other than monitoring, you also get system replacements when needed, reports on monthly maintenance, and issues resolution on call.

Enhanced revenues, good user experience

If you provide services and wifi is one of them, then you can get additional revenue benefits with tiered wifi access. With an auto-managed wifi solution as a business you are able to give an uninterrupted service to be it employees, guests or visitors. Also, the problems of connecting multiple devices is resolved which would initially lead to a network slow-down. With wifi solutions even workforces will be able to enjoy wireless connectivity with ease of mobility.