Building up a strong in-house IT support team means that the experts can be trained the business’s specific needs, and will be available when needed. Having an in-house IT support team can be extremely helpful and invaluable when an emergency arises, such as data loss or a security breach. IT issues can be a big hassle. Failing to access the internal machines and systems, having computers systems that run too slowly, or even facing issues with the downtime can be extremely frustrating. If you already have an in-house IT support team or, planning to hire an IT support person, you should think once again.

Our experts at Preemo are sharing three strong points why you don’t need an in-house IT support team for your business.


One of the biggest reasons that you do need an in-house IT support team is that you are paying too much.  Building up an in-house IT support team can be seen in the way of initial financial outlay. Employing the right candidates for the job and providing them with professional training can be an expensive and drawn out affair. Well, the training programs never stop, as there is a need for constantly updating their knowledge and skills, and so on.

In fact, you will be hiring them on a regular salary with several employee benefits and facilities. Also, in case if they have in-demand experience and skills, they, of course, they wanted to be paid at a very competitive rate to keep them within your business. However,  with an outsourced IT support team, you don’t have to think about any of these situations. In fact, you will just have to pay a fraction of the expense of an in-house specialist ’s benefits and salary for the services you actually need for your business.


Having a small in-house IT support team often takes a  long time before when it comes to responding to a call for assistance. Let’s give it a thought, your company’s system fails to turn on, and when an employee reaches out for the help and takes more time to get a response, then it can become a big issue for your business. On the other hand, an outsourced IT support team holds an incredible time to respond to any IT issue within a few minutes.


Working with an in-house IT support team limits your business needs depending on their working hours and days. It’s is very important for your business technology to run 24/7/365 because it’s the core if your business.  With the outsourced IT support team, you will be greatly helped to reduce your business risk since they are 24/7 available for you and your team. Having an outsourced IT support team helps in reducing your business downtime- that will save on revenue loss.

Aforementioned are some of the strong reasons why your business does not need an in-house IT support team. If you are looking to outsource your business IT support, contact Preemo today!