Network security has become essential for all the businesses irrespective of their size. In the modern era, internet has come up with several new platforms and ways of marketing which have amazed the world The positive approach to reach the global audience as well as its capability of making things easier is worth highlighting. However, it comes with pros and cons together. Specifically, internet is prone to different threats due to lack of network security.

If you are still ignoring the safety of your system pertaining to network security, then, it’s time to get started! In case, you are not convinced with the significance of network security, visit our website for handy information.

In the meanwhile, you can take a look at these 3 smart ways to boost your network security with utmost ease:

1. Use free security software

Almost, all the new operating systems come along with a software that supports strong security features. Most of the devices have an in-built  security software,  yet, it needs to be explored to understand its optimum utility.  You can even install it in your computer like: microsoft window defender which can scan your entire computer and detect the malware  within the drive. It can even repair the threats on its own, in case, they have a potential to affect the PC.

2. create a strong password

It is mostly recommended by all the “IT” people that you must create a strong password for your email, computer, documents and etc.  Specifically, at workplace,  every person should create different password for each and every id. Using a common password for all the purposes makes it predictable for hacker to hack the entire network. Issue a guideline in office, that everyone will follow while working on passwords, specially for official purpose.

  1. Use more than 8 characters
  2. Must contain both upper and lower case letters
  3. Must contain symbols
  4. Use digit between 1 to 10

3. Don’t turn off protection filters

In an office, employees turn off the anti-virus protected filters in office, most of the times. Be it while watching some video clip on their one of the favourite websites or listening to the songs. Filters always notify a user about the authenticity of the software used in the website. Employees usually ignore this notification and continue using website. You should advise your employees not to turn off this filter even if it is restricting you to access the website. You must guide your employees to visit authentic website. You must use the administrator password, if the employees tend to turn off the filter even after your instructions.

It is essential to keep your system safe by using network security always. Moreover, it is crucial to prioritise the security in order to check its proper mechanism. There are several other ways to keep your system safe. Get in touch with us to know more about network security. Our network security expert will assist you in a timely way to troubleshoot your problems.