Deciding the right kind of IT support service is not easy. It takes a lot of research and a bit of self-evaluation to decide the most suitable match. In-house IT services managed IT services or On-demand IT services, each one has its own pros and cons. But which one is the best solution you, economical to be precise? Below are three factors that’ll help you determine what to choose:

1. Consider the importance of technology to your business process

The kind of IT support package you might require depends on the way you use technology in your business. Most businesses use technology as a crucial part of their business processes like healthcare, IT services, and real estate. On the other hand, there are businesses which use technology just for management services and other secondary needs.

The role that technology plays in your business will decide the kind of IT support package you require. Let’s assume your printer or your monitor stops working, or the internet service is interrupted, how will it affect your business process? Will the breakdown result in a huge loss or can you manage to find an in-house solution or do you call an IT professional to arrive and fix it? The answer to this question will determine the kind of IT support you need. For instance, an tech company will suffer loss every minute if the IT systems breakdown, but a law firm can afford to wait.

Once you determine the dependability of your business on technology, you’ll be able to find out which kind of IT support is better and economical for you.

2. Employees’ dependability on technology

How much does technology affect your employees’ productivity? How much do they need technology to complete their work and perform at their best? How does outdated technology degrade their productivity and lower their morale? All these questions might not look necessary but it will decide whether you need IT support services or not. If the answer to all these question is negative, you probably don’t even need IT services because your business dependability on technology is very low. But, if the answer is positive, you desperately need to have an IT support service for your business.

3. Managed IT services or pay as you use?

Budget may seem to be a decisive factor while deciding the kind of IT services you need but you can go wrong if you only take this into consideration. People often go wrong when they let only cost decide the kind of IT services they need. For example, if your business suffers from IT errors every next minute and you’re getting them fixed with on-demand IT support in order to save the hardware and software installation and management cost for in-house IT support, you’re making a major mistake. If you calculate the total money spent on paying the service charge for on-demand IT support services that you used, you’ll be shocked to know it comes out to be twice or thrice than the cost of managing an in-house IT support team. On the other hand, if you’re managing an in-house IT support team to handle three to four errors on a monthly basis, you’re letting your mistake put a hole in your pocket. The right parameter to decide the right kind of IT services that you need is knowing the frequency or the number of times you’ll need this service.