According to the survey conducted by researchers, it has been found that almost 50% of the companies having a minimum of 200 employees are using VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

VDI is building a huge market for itself from 2015, the implementation of the VDI should be done same as it is for large IT scale project. The implementation must be done carefully with keeping all the aspects of it in mind.

Such as understanding requirements, defining milestones, setting objectives to achieve goals, research, selection of vendors, planning, strategy, gaining feedback, going live  etc.

However, there are some precautions one needs to take during an implementation that is often missed out by a lot of companies. Here are 6 common mistake you to avoid while implementing VDI :-

1.Plan your resources

Planning resources may not seem so complicated when you are deciding on the basis of current usage but it does when you plan for the long run. Don’t just plan out the resources for today and tomorrow or for next day after. The virtual machine consumes CPU memory, storage, and network bandwidth at good pace. So whenever you are making a decision on bringing resources to work then it’s better for you to layout a plan for a whole year or 3 at max.

2.Utilize existing resources

Don’t make a fool out of yourself by dumping the old devices for the new one. There are people who will make you run to get the new hardware but, check once is there any chance to utilize what you have. Always have enough resources in reach but don’t throw the old computer away just because of new thin line hardware. Virtualization is not restricted to only computers, it can be used in tablets as well. Moreover, don’t throw your money by allocating a thin line for each employee. Look whether one can work for two if you have employees working in 2 shifts.

3. Train your staff

Just getting your hands on the new technology is not enough. You need to know its complete functionalities and how to use it to its full potential. Let your staff know about the changes you are planning to introduce in the workplace. They must be trained on how virtual desktops are used, where they can save the files, how it can be accessed, and how the system is going to work from now on. Training them will help save future trouble.


These are just a few mistakes that you need to avoid while implementing VDI. although, there are a lot of things which one needs to avoid while performing VDI in their organisation. Mistakes happen and more of them are unforeseen, but it would be better if you are prepared for possible errors. Try getting an expert on the job, for training the staff and successfully implementing the VDI. This should eliminate  all your problems related to VDI implementation.