Any business running exclusively on wired networks is a very rare case in this digital technological era. Almost all companies and businesses nowadays, both small or large are increasingly moving toward wireless network in order to increase productivity and mobility.  While the wireless network gives us freedom from the hassles of wires, they are not completely secure and safe by default.

Whether a company or business have its own WiFi network or use someone else’s network, it’s the company or business primary responsibility to take proper security measures to secure their business’s confidential data and information. However, many businesses are still unaware that this can pose serious security risks if not secured in an efficient manner.

If you own a wireless network, the sensitive data can be easily transmitted, and anyone in the network with the knowledge and right set of equipment can easily capture your data. If you think that your company is at low risk of online attack, as it’s too easy for hackers to notice, then it’s the right time to change your thinking.

Your business’s WiFi network acts as an entrance point for cybercriminals. Here is a list of the number of essential things that you can do to improve the wifi security of your business.


The first and the most important thing to do, when you got a new router is to reset the standard admin. This is because default passwords are quite easy to find online and are accessible.  A simple change is a good first step to ensure that you remain in the control of the network.


After resetting the router password, you need to implement a passphrase for the users in order to connect with the Wi-Fi services. But remember that your password should be something complicated including symbols, numbers uppercase and lower letters where possible, use at least more than 8 characters  (8-10 characters). Don’t use full names or words as that may be quite easy to guess, try to make the password as random as you can in order to provide the highest security against cracking.


Regular updates are very important for ongoing security, so updating the router is as critical as updating your laptop, computer, apps, and smartphone on a periodic basis.  Updating enables required fixes for good service that makes the performance of your wireless network better. Likewise, turning off WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup is important.  Provide easier access to the network, highlight a weak area of security, it’s best practice to disable this feature.


One of the best ways, in order to get the absolute highest level of wifi security, is to leave it to the experts. Get in touch with highly trained our experts at  Preemo to get more information about installing the most secure wifi services for your business.