There’s never been an easier time than now to share your ideas and creativity with the world. The credit for the same goes to the existence of website.  Thus, when it comes to host a website on the internet, website owners come across two options. The first reason is to build their own hosting service with the assistance of in-house team and the second one is to hire the services of an outsourced web host. This is a very crucial decision that puts most of website owners in dilemma.

A personal web hosting model may seem to be a cost effective option, but it is not wise to merely depend on the reviews of development service provider. On considering the bigger picture of getting web hosting services outsourced, certainly, it proves to be a much beneficial and cost effective option.

It’s time to take a look at the factors which need to be considered while considering an outsourced web hosting service:

1. Capital Investment

In-house web hosting involves maintenance agreement, hidden costs, utility costs along with initial investment of expensive hardware equipment. On the other hand, outsourcing this service demands a single payment for a regular fixed rent.

2. Scalability

With the help of outsourced web hosts, you can easily add a physical infrastructure and virtual machines to your setup within a few hours to days. In fact, it allows you to create a perfect blend of  your private cloud and the web host solution offered by cloud hosting service.

3. Flexibility

Highly professional web hosts are equipped with resources, possess experience and expertise which altogether allow them to cater to the unique business requirements of their clients. In case there’s any trouble, it’s a professional web host can resolve it easily due to his vast experience of solving various problems.

4. Employee Services

When it comes to avail web hosting services, you are recommended to hire employees to monitor them. However, the outsourced web hosting is backed up by a team to handle the maintenance related tasks. The professionals handling the web hosting services maintain continuity and documentation throughout the project.

5. Hardware

If you have already invested on the purchase of hardware, you will likely to be reluctant to consider an outsourced model of web hosting. However, there are various  companies that buy these hardware resources back and in turn help you recover your investment.

6. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

It is noticed that most of the web hosts have Service Level Agreement(SLA) comprising of features like  guarantee, quick turnaround time, network uptime etc. This is not only beneficial for you but, even your clients can experience its merits by offering these services to them as an added security. 

7. Security

Following higher levels of security, professional web hosts perform employee background check, dual factor authentication, regular training programs etc. Also, they offer services such as vulnerability scanning, IPS, SIEM and file integrity monitoring.

8. Network Support

These experienced web hosts ensures 24×7 server availability with secured and high levels of network performance.  

9. Prospects

There is a chain of opportunities and risks involved in in-house web hosting. However, the outsourced web hosting service allows you to focus on your core business and consider your client’s’ requirements promptly that may not be possible with in-house hosting.

10. Monitoring

A 24×7 monitoring of your business setup is provided by an outsourced web hosting service. At the same time, the team of professionals will deal all your problems pertaining to web hosting. This would be an affordable option as compared to hiring an in-house employee for technical support.


On taking into account all the above mentioned factors, it can be certainly stated that an outsourced web hosting services is a much better and efficient solution. So, if you are looking for a web host, get in touch with us and get the best quote from our professionals!